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Several venues will be utilized for the functions taking place throughout the weekend. The Old County Courthouse on the Historic Taos Plaza, the Harwood Museum of Art, the Millicent Rogers Museum, Oñate Center (Ohkay Owingeh) and la Hacienda de los Martínez will be displaying the history, as well as hosting speakers interpreting the eventful life of Padre Martínez.  

On July 15th the Martínez family will gather on the Taos Plaza, which is el Corazón de Taos, the heart of the original Don Fernando de Taos land grant. The Pasqual Martínez (Rowena Myers) Family will share the Martinez Fashion Show during the afternoon. Visitors are also welcome at la Hacienda de los Martínez located in Ranchitos approximately two miles southwest of the Taos Plaza. In the evening a documentary film, produced by Paul Espinosa, plus portrayals of Padre Martínez by historians Larry Torres and Antonio Mares from the University of New Mexico will be featured.

Sunday, July 16th, all are welcome to attend the 8:30am mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. The Mass will be in English, while the hymns will be sung in Spanish under the choir direction of Arcenio Córdova. The weekend of festivities will culminate with the unveiling of the ten foot bronze statue entitled La Honra de Su País on the Taos Plaza at 2pm.  
              --From a PRESS RELEASE by Gayle Martínez of the Taos Chamber of Commerce


History of the Memorial



The monograph RELUCTANT DAWN, a biography of Padre Antonio José Martínez, Cura de Taos holds up quite well after I wrote it thirty years ago.  It is solidly based on the 1877 biography of the Padre by Santiago Valdez as well as other primary sources.  You may now order your copy of this second edition that will be out by the time of the unveiling of the Memorial "La Honra de Su País."

To order, please send a check made out to THE TAOS CONNECTION in the amount of $23 (including tax and postage) to this address: The Taos Connection - 47741 East Palm Canyon Dr., C-135 - Palm Springs, CA 92264.  Please include your name and address for return mail. Rev. Juan Romero juanrvi@aol.com


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